About Us

In 1996, a group of stakeholders including performers, agents, photographers, ACTRA, CAEA, Theatre Ontario, AMIS, TAMAC, CDC and other industry partners came together to address the pervasive issue of unethical behavior in the modeling and talent agency business. This collaboration resulted in the formation of the Entertainment Industry Coalition (EIC) and the creation of the EIC Code of Ethical Conduct. The code was designed to establish and promote ethical behavior and best practices among talent agents and has since become a benchmark standard in the industry.

The EIC Code of Ethical Conduct underwent significant changes over time, with the first version receiving member approval in 1997, followed by an updated version that was approved in 2018.

To become signatory members, talent and modeling agencies must apply for signatory status, agree to abide by the EIC Code and satisfy the EIC Membership Review Committee that they are properly established businesses, operating in good faith and have experience in the industry.