The EIC Code of Ethical Conduct was created to define and promote a standard for best practices and ethical behavior for talent representatives.

To become signatory members, talent and modeling agencies must apply for signatory status, agree to abide by the EIC Code of Ethical Conduct (EIC Code) and satisfy the EIC Membership Review Committee that they are properly established businesses, operating in good faith and have experience in the industry.

Applications are reviewed by the EIC Membership Review Committee comprised of:

  • EIC Chair(s)
  • ACTRA Toronto representative
  • CAEA representative
  • EIC agent representative
  • TAMAC (Talent Agents and Managers Association of Canada) representative
  • Casting Directors
  • Headshot photographers
  • Performers

      The EIC Membership Review Committee convenes meets to review applications and compliance with the EIC Code of Ethical Conduct.


      Admission to the EIC is neither automatic nor guaranteed. Prospective agencies must establish a strong industry track record before earning acceptance. Once an application is approved, the applicant agency will be added to the list of signatories on this website and will be invited to provide input when revisions to the Code are being considered. If an agency’s EIC application is rejected because its business practices do not meet the standard defined by the EIC Code of Ethical Conduct, the applicant may choose to bring their agency practices into compliance and reapply for membership after one year’s time.


      In the event of a violation of the EIC Code of Ethical Conduct by a signatory agency, the agency will be given an opportunity to bring their business practices back into compliance with the EIC Code. Agencies who are unable or unwilling to do so will be removed from the list of signatories on this website and the EIC reserves the right to provide public notice of the change in the agency’s signatory status.

      Thank you for expressing your interest in becoming a member of the EIC!

      Please review and complete the application form below.